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Indoor Air Quality in a Pandemic: FDA 510(k) Compliant Portable HEPA & UV-C Filtration Systems

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The rise of COVID-19 has affected the nation's ability to provide buildings with safe indoor air quality.

Indoor air quality is a concern for healthcare, employers and educational administrators.

Providing adequate indoor air quality in a time of pandemic is challenging at best. One strategy for keeping patients, students, staff, and building occupants safe is to use mobile FDA 510(k) compliant medical isolation room air purification systems. Air purifying technology is tested, certified, proven and recommended by ASHRAE to remove hazardous airborne particles. In today’s pandemic environment, it’s a cost effective solution worth consideration.

The MICROCON® MAP UVC Air Purifier is FDA 510(k)-approved for medical isolation rooms and it’s perfectly adaptable to public spaces, offices, K-12 and university classrooms.

MICROCON® MAP 400 and 800 UVC Air Purifier

Affordable FDA 510(K) Compliant Air Purifiers for Occupied Spaces: Confidence Beyond Due Diligence

Many older buildings and schools have a limited ability to address indoor air quality via the existing HVAC systems.  Often central AHU systems lack the fan and coil capacity to increase outside air volume and filter efficiency.  In the “shoulder season” with moderate temperatures building occupants can often open windows to provide additional fresh air to the space.   As temperatures drop this fall and winter open windows are no longer an option.  

Helping to guide the pursuit for safer air is the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating, and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE). ASHRAE Position Document on Filtration and Air Cleaning and C-19 Guidelines for Reopening Schools and Universities examines ventilation technologies and their related health benefits.    

Reliable Air Quality 

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused major disruption for American schools, education and the stability it provides for many young Americans.  Getting children back to school and keeping them there safely is paramount (in times of cold and flu much less pandemic) To help provide safer school environments, the MAP UVC Air Purifier is an ideal solution.

"Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world." ~Nelson Mandela, Born July 18, 1918

With the capability to enhance air quality inside occupied spaces and classrooms, MICROCON® MAP 400/800 air purification units are appealing for several reasons:

  • FDA Section 510(k) compliant-FDA Classification No. K972064
  • Proven effective in medical isolation units
  • Affordable, portable, and versatile
  • No installation costs

How do UVC Air Purifiers Work?

MICROCON® MAP 400/800 units are portable, standalone units. They sit in occupied spaces and filter and disinfect air at the source. Room air is drawn through a prefilter, activated charcoal filter, and HEPA filter—and then treated with ultraviolet (UV) disinfecting light. This is the same UV-C air purifier employed to clean air in tuberculosis patient isolation rooms.

diagram showing how air purifiers for classrooms work

What’s the Alternative?

Central plant and terminal unit upgrades are always an option, but those projects can be expensive, time consuming, and disruptive.  

Cost Effective Ceiling Mounted Units

RGF BioControls EXC7 HEPA & UV-C units install quickly above drop ceilings or can mount exposed.  The MICRON EXC7 fits into  a standard 2’ x 2’ drop ceiling panel, the low profile unit extends 15” above the ceiling. A swing down stainless steel grill allows easy and safe in-room access to filters and lights for maintenance.   

UVC Air Purification: Indoor Air Quality With Convenience

When it comes to reopening, using MAP 400/800 air purifiers employ ASHRAE recommendations of portable HEPA filtration, UV- C disinfecting light, and proper minimum room air rotations per hour (minimum of 2 rotations/hour). ASHRAE Epidemic Task Force Guidelines

MAP Units Win on Installed Cost.

For approximately $3,200 - $4,100 per unit you can provide medical grade air filtration to occupied spaces and classrooms with lease options for approximately $85 month per unit.

MAP Units Win on Speed.

Installation couldn’t be more straightforward—wheel the unit into a classroom or space, plug it into an electrical outlet and turn it on.

MAP Units Win on Compliance.

These units meet ASHRAE air quality guidelines and are FDA 510(k) compliant.

With MAP units, employers, building owners and school facilities directors can employ an effective indoor air quality strategy that’s not only widely accepted for medical use but also serves as a visual reminder that indoor air quality is being addressed.  

A Simple Step to Safer Buildings and Schools

Employers, building owners and schools are struggling with limited budgets and need to respond to COVID-19 amid demands to stay open. 

McCotter Energy is committed to offering Consumer Financing and Lease Options to schools and facilities. Please contact us to find out more.  For about $85/month per space or classroom employers, building owners and school facilities directors can provide significantly enhanced indoor air quality for occupants.

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