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Measuring only 79" high x 28" wide x 25" deep, the BMK750 and 1000  fits easily through a standard size doorway and occupies a very small footprint. And it fits the most challenging projects as easily as it fits the smallest mechanical rooms. The BMK750 and 1000  boiler supports sealed combustion, ceiling/sidewall venting and low gas pressure applications. Ideal in low flow applications, the unit operates with a small water side pressure drop. From a controls standpoint, the unit's C-More control system can be integrated directly into a facility-wide Building Automation System via Modbus and is fully compatible with AERCO's Boiler Management System II (BMS II) for multiple unit installations.

Features of the Aerco Benchmark 1000 MBH
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • Fully Modulating, 20:1 Turndown
  • Compact, Space Efficient Design
  • 3.0 PSIG @ 100 GPM Water Pressure Drop
  • MODbus communications protocol
  • 120/1/60 amp
  • 6" Vent Connections, vent with AL29-4C, Polypropylene, CPVC and PVC
  • Oxygen Level Monitoring System
  • NOx emmissions of 20 ppm or less
  • Sealed Combustion capable
BMK 1000 Info