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I The Bryan Triple-Flex offers guaranteed efficiency, Bryan flexible tubes, water cooled furnace, compact design and ultra high efficiency.
Bryan Triple-Flex
  • 90% Guaranteed Efficiency at 160 degree F return with 20 degree rise.
  • Flexible Tubes are easily removable and replaceable without welding or rolling
  • Over 9 sq. ft. of heating surface per BHP.
  • Easy single side access to tubes and burner.
  • Compact design, minimum floor space
  • Rust resistant jacket panels.
Bryan Triple-Flex Info

RBI Futera Fusion
  • Highest efficiencies available - up to 99%
  • Full modulation with continuous 4:1 turndown
  • Sealed Combustion/Direct Vent
  • 500-1999MBH
  • Linked operating control system for multiple unit applications
  • Finned copper tube heat exchanger, ASME 160 psi MAWP, 4-pass design
RBI Futera Fusion Info