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The gas-fired Futera Fusion is the ideal choice for applications with low operating , return or make-up water temperatures. Unlike most condensing products the Fusion is capable of attaining efficiencies as high as 98% at full input. The full modulation firing system continuously varies the energy input to precisely match heating load without over-firing and wasting fuel.
RBI Futera Fusion
  • Finned copper tube heat exchanger, ASME 160 psi max WP, 4-pass design
  • Rugged solid stainless steel secondary heat exchanger with extremely low pressure drop
  • Modulating temperature control mixing valve accurate to +/- 1 degree F
  • 4:1 Turndown, Full Modulation, Low NOx
  • Up to 99% Efficiency
RBI Futera Fusion Info

RBI Fusion - Condensing, Modulating Boilers

The gas-fired Futera Fusion- now brings the field-proven performance of Futera III Modulation boilers and water heaters to the ultimate levels of efficiency and reliability. This innovative design is the ideal choice for applications with low operating, return, or make-up water temperatures. This provides extremely high part-load efficiencies. System sizing is made simple with models available from 500 MBH to 2000 MBH.

The condensing secondary heat exchanger is solid stainless steel and designed to operate at the boiler's full flow rate. It operates in full condensing mode at all times, while a state of the art temperature mixing system protects the boiler's primary heat exchanger. There's simply no better way to protect an owner's investment. This design also offers a larger heat transfer surface area than any competitive product currently available.