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The AERCO Benchmark 6000 Low NOx water boiler is designed for condensing application in any closed loop hydronic system. It delivers 15:1 burner turndown to match energy input directly to fluctuating system loads to yield the highest possible seasonal efficiencies. No other product packs as much capacity into such a small footprint.

Fitted with a low NOx burner whose emissions will consistently measure <20 ppm of NOx corrected to 3% excess oxygen at all firing rates.

The BMK6000 includes the AERCO patent pending Oxygen level (O2) monitoring system, designed to display the O2 level directly on the unit in real time, can also be remotely monitored via Modbus giving the customer the ability to measure the emissions level and fuel economy of the boiler without traditional combustion calibration devices.

The BMK 6000 can be used singly or in modular arrangements and offers selectable modes of operation. One of more can be integrated with Modbus communications protocol to AERCO's multiple boiler management system (BMS) or a facility-wide Energy Management or Building Automation System.

Features of the Aerco Benchmark 6000
  • 15:1 Turndown
  • Natural Gas
  • Stainless Steel Fire Tube Heat Exchanger
  • Oxygen Level (O2) Monitoring display on unit
  • NOx Emissions <20ppm at all Firing Rates
  • Precise Temperature Control
  • 92.5% IBR Efficiency Rating
  • Compact Footprint (79"H x 34"W x 108"D)
Benchmark 6000 Info