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Cast Iron Boilers

Smith cast iron boilers are available from McCotter Energy.
  • RTS series boilers are available in 15 sizes from 900 to 4,270 MBH with high efficiencies. Fired with oil, gas or both.
  • Cast iron wet-base sections rated for 80 psi (water)
  • ASME safety relief valve
  • Insulated metal jacket, steel floor rails and flue brush
  • Theraltimeter
  • Cast iron smoke hood with integral fail-safe breeching damper that is easily adjustable and locked into position.

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  • Steam power-burner boilers fired with oil, gas or both
  • Available in 15 sizes from 900 to 4270 MBH
  • Cast iron wet-base sections rate for 15psi (steam)
  • Manual reset, hi-limit pressuretrol
  • Easy-to-remove, front access covers and side mounted cover plates for quick and easy boiler cleaning
  • Burner mounting plate with insulation block

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  • Smith is the only manufacturer offering a high-efficiency steam boiler. Efficiency makes replacement the smart choice. Smith provides long-term value and less hands-on operation and maintenance.
  • The Smith 19 HE - ideal for light commercial with sizes ranging from 308MBH to 1750 MBH.
  • 28HE and 28RTS HE - Simple install and maintenance - sectional design installs easily within exisiting mechanical rooms.
  • Optimal Operation - Larger heat transfer surface and cast-in heat transfers pins allow for maximuim thermal efficiency.
  • Quiet operation

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