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Grundfos LogoGrundfos manufactures high-quality water pumps for a variety of commercial and industrial applications. As pioneers of intelligent pump solutions, Grundfos is on the cutting edge of pump technology.

The McCotter Energy Systems team is proud to be an exclusive Grundfos distributor in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. Our expert technicians are specially trained to apply and service Grundfos products, meaning you get the right-sized pump along with the controls you need to optimize system performance and minimize energy consumption.

Learn more about how a Grundfos pump from McCotter Energy Systems benefits your organization.

Grundfos – Known for Reliability & Efficiency

Today, energy efficiency is more important than ever. Grundfos pumps have innovative designs that make them smaller, higher quality, and more efficient than conventional pumps while also delivering superior results.

The outstanding reliability of Grundfos pumps sets them apart from other manufacturers. Grundfos equipment is known for its ease of service and rapid seal replacements.

Industry-leading innovations from Grundfos:

  • Electronically commutated motor (ECM) technology up 15 HP – offers intelligent speed control which reduces energy use without impacting performance
  • CU 352 Pump Cascade Controller on Hydro MPC – all-Grundfos-manufactured pumps, motors, and controllers to maximize efficiency and operability

The Grundfos line of products is wide and varied. At McCotter Energy Systems, we have in-depth knowledge of Grundfos systems. We can select a pump system that meets your needs, whether for a large industrial facility or a school’s boiler room.

Grundfos Equipment We Provide

Grundfos manufactures a range of pumps, from small residential units to large commercial and industrial equipment. As the exclusive Commercial Buildings Grundfos rep in Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, McCotter Energy Systems is your source for high-quality Grundfos pumps and equipment.

Pump and Pump Systems:

  • Small Circulators – High-efficiency, low-maintenance units reduce energy consumption
  • Inline Pumps – Designed for commercial and industrial applications
  • End Suction Pumps – Ideal multi-purpose units to produce high flows at high efficiency
  • “Hydro MPC” Multi-Pump Skids – Perfect for high “turndown” systems with a highly variable flow demand; able to provide optimal efficiency across the complete flow profile
  • Booster Skids – A complete package for boosting pressure
  • Boiler Feed Pumps / Booster Pumps – Robust pumps for rugged applications
  • Turbine Pumps – High-grade turbine pumps ensure a reliable flow of water supplied from wells
  • Split Case Pumps – Suited for high-end flows with accessible, service-friendly housing
  • Standard Motors – Motors designed to international standards
  • EC Motors – Industry-leading IE5 ECMs up to 15 HP, available to be used with every pump type
  • Accessories – A wide range of accessories, specially designed for Grundfos pumps and systems

Applications we support

Heating / Cooling – HVAC pumps for heating and cooling systems.

Pressure boosting – Vertical or horizontal, centrifugal pumps and pressure boosting systems for liquid transfer and boosting hot and cold water.

Domestic water supply, and rainwater – Submersible pumps, jet pumps, multistage centrifugal pumps and compact systems for homes, gardens, and hobby applications.

Potable water distribution – Pumps and control & monitoring solutions for drinking water distribution.

Your Grundfos Distributor for Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan

McCotter Energy Systems has been supplying high-efficiency commercial HVAC and boiler room solutions since 1956. Our technicians are centrally located to offer support for Grundfos pumping systems throughout Wisconsin and Upper Michigan.

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