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Reillo Array offers high efficiency water cooled furnace with patented heat exchanger geometry in a compact design.
Reillo Array
  • Efficiency up to 99%
  • Turndown ratio up to 40:1
  • Patented heat exchanger geometry eliminating the need for internal baffles.
  • All water, gas, and venting connections on top
  • Small installed footprint
  • Extremely simple to service and maintain
Reillo Array

RBI Futera Fusion
  • Highest efficiencies available - up to 99%
  • Full modulation with continuous 4:1 turndown
  • Sealed Combustion/Direct Vent
  • 500-1999MBH
  • Linked operating control system for multiple unit applications
  • Finned copper tube heat exchanger, ASME 160 psi MAWP, 4-pass design
RBI Futera Fusion Info