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Combustion-Power Burners

Increasing Boiler Room efficiency with High Efficiency Burners

A new burner can dramatically increase the overall boiler room efficiency. McCotter Energy can analyze your system and provide estimated fuel savings. Existing boilers can be retrofitted with new high efficiency burners. Significant savings can be achieved without the cost of a total power plant replacement.

Riello Burners

Riello is renowned for efficient, reliable combustion and low maintenance. The burners provide high turndown, low excess air and low NOx combustion. Installing a new boiler or improving efficiency on an existing system, a Riello burner is a smart choice in creating a high efficiency boiler room.

  • Advanced Servomotor
  • up to 10:1 turndown, only 3% O2 levels throughout the entire firing range
  • Unique Combustion Head Design
  • Service Slidebars
  • Die-cast Aluminum Chassis
  • Gas, oil or dual fuel, achieve fuel savings up to 30%
  • Firing Range 170,000 to 32,000,000 Btu/hr

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Riello Burners offer Slide Out Assembly

All RS burners incorporate innovative slidebars which enable the burner assembly to be pulled outwards on two guides, allowing quick access to the combustion head for easy installation and servicing. The result is lower maintenance costs. Touch screen control option fit to the burner with Siemens LMV system.

Easy to read touch screen panel provides operating information, fault history, burner status and set point adjustment.

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Johnson Burners

Since 1903 S.T. Johnson Company has built heavy duty and efficient burners that offer sleek and easy to service design.

  • 50 to 1,200 BHP
  • Gas, oil or dual fuel
  • Full modulating controls
  • CSD-1, IRI, FM
  • Scotch marine, firebox and watertube boilers

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