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HVAC Energy Recovery System

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McCotter Energy Systems offers a complete line of energy recovery system products including VIFB coils, custom and packaged air handling units and condensers and chillers.
VIFB Coils
  • One, two and three row steam coils
  • One, two and three row hot water coils
  • Six different face heights from 24" to 96" and eleven different face lengths from 21" to 129" to handle airflows from 1,400 cfm to 77,200 cfm
  • Vertical tubes to assure positive condensate drainage, floating bottom header to accommodate thermal expansion
  • Side-mounted or space-saving face-mounted actuation
Steam, Water & DX Coils
  • Steam coils manufactured for standard steam and steam distributing. May be manufacturered with same end or opposite end connections.
  • Water coils applicable for hot water, chilled, water, or glycol system.
  • DX coils for air conditioning systems.
  • High integrity/low leakage coil casings capable of withstanding high pressure applications.
  • Insulated cased coils with drain pans.
Custom and Packaged Air Handling Units
  • Space Saving Designs
  • Superior sound attenuation
  • High static pressure operation
  • Total design flexibility
  • Pre-fabricated mechanical penthouses
Condensers, Chillers and Waterside Economizers
  • Chillers pre-packaged
  • Corrosion resistant materials
  • Hazardous duty equipment
  • Custom engineered systems
  • Waterside economizers & fluid coolers