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Oilon specializes in environmental technology with a special emphasis on research and development. The focus areas of the research and development are on improving energy efficiency, decreasing emission levels, and developing new solutions using renewable energy sources.

Oilon Industrial Heat Pumps

To combat climate change, we need new ways of producing energy. Oilon’s energy-​efficient industrial heat pumps are a tangible solution for reducing emissions. Besides traditional HFC refrigerants, we offer HFO refrigerants with an extremely low or near-​zero global warming potential (GWP). Our heat pumps are a flexible solution that can be used for different heating and cooling applications in industrial operations and large properties as well as for district heating and cooling.

Combined heating and cooling – tapping into industrial waste streams
Modern heat pumps allow companies to use heat sources which would be otherwise difficult or impossible to use. For example, low-​temperature waste heat from industrial processes can be used as a source of energy for district heating.

A ground source heat pump is an excellent choice for heating buildings and producing domestic hot water. By using renewable electricity, a ground source heating system can achieve total carbon neutrality.  Switching over to a ground source heating system will typically reduce a property’s heating costs by 65–75 per cent, which means that the investment will pay itself back in only a few years. A more accurate property-​specific savings assessment will be prepared once the system has been sized.

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