hurst scotch marine boiler

Red Boiler Package

McCotter Energy Systems offers a complete, customized packaged boiler solution – The Red Boiler Package. The Red Boiler Package delivers fuel savings up to 30%. The system is available with a scotch marine, firebox, water tube or cast iron sectional boiler. Achieve the highest efficiencies possible with a Riello Burner and Siemens Linkageless Controls. The entire system is integrated with the plant master control touch screen.

High Efficiency Boiler

The Red Boiler Package is suitable for various applications including scotch marine, water tube and cast iron. All boiler packages deliver the highest efficiencies, longest operational life and flexibility.

High Efficiency Riello Burner

For over 85 years Riello has manufactured high efficiency burners and is currently one of the largest burner suppliers in the world. Riello burners are available with capacities ranging from 38 thousand to 120 million Btuh. The simple integrated design provides high efficiency, low sound power levels while significantly reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

Siemens Technology Standard

Siemens LMV Controls are specifically designed and approved world wide to perform all burner functions.

Integrated Plant Master Control

The integrated touch screen panel gathers, stores and displays information in an easy to read format.

Local Control at boiler panel

Boiler controls and monitoring are wired locally at boiler panel. One Cat.5 cable runs form each boiler to the plant master control to integrate the entire system for single source responsibility and control.

Unlike other single source systems on the market, the red boiler package provides inherent operational backup and safety. The Siemens LMV performs critical fuel/air ratio, sequence of operation, and safety control. If the touch screen panel goes down, the boiler reverts to local LMV control and is still operational.

The Red Boiler Package delivers fuel savings up to 30% from a trusted single source – McCotter Energy Systems

The Red Boiler Package is the best choice for achieving optimal efficiency, longest operational life and outstanding service from McCotter Energy Systems.