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Combustion MUA

Your boiler will gain a percentage point in efficiency for every 40 degree increase in combustion air (according to the US Department of Energy). That can easily add up over time. McCotter Energy Systems offers the combustion make-up air units to get the most from the boiler and help your budget.
Fresh Air Supply Units
  • LJ Wing - utilize integral face and bypass coil technology to provide positive freeze protection for make-up air heating with steam or hot water.
  • Propeller fans for a compact, low cost design
  • Horizontal configuration for wall-mounted or ducted applications
  • Ideal for combustion air preheat applications
  • Fifteen models with airflow deliveries from 855 to 26,000 cfm
SAS SteadyAir Handlers
  • LJ Wing - indoor and outdoor configurations
  • Air flow deliveries from 1,000 to 40,000 cfm
  • Models with one or two forward curved, double-width, double-inlet, centrifugal fans
  • Available with L.J. Wing's fixed or rotating discharge.