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Burner combustion control systems operate a burner in real-life conditions as close to the optimium conditions as possible - despite changing boiler loads and varying ambient temperatures. Fully metered combustion control systems monitor fuel and air flow and will adjust fuel valves and air dampers to keep burner flow rates constant despite changing conditions. Oxygen trim can be added to maintain stack oxygen setpoint.

The Siemens LMV Linkageless Burner Management System offers easy installation, programming, commissioning and reliable, proven control. The LMV is a fully integrated system that is easy to install, use and provides improved burner performanace and efficiency.

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Siemens Linkageless Burner Management System
  • Completely integrated burner control with fully modulating flame safeguard from a single source
  • Integrated fuel-air ratio control system with single or dual-fuel applications for greater flexiblilty
  • Controls up to six independent actuators for optimal efficiency in low NOx burner applications
  • Integrated gas valve proving system that checks for leaks on every burner cycle for maximum safety
  • Up to 15 programmable points per fuel-air ratio curve for greater flexibility and tighter control

Accuracy is the key to control

SQM4 Linkageless Actuators provide extreme accuracy. Driven by a digital can-bus signal, the acutator's movement is highly accurate to 1/10th of one degreee. A digital feedback signal ensures the correct position is maintained throughout the actuator's modulating range.

The solid-state flame detector continuously monitors the flame and filters line voltage frequencies to prevent detection of the spark or its reflection. For a new boiler system or upgrading existing equipment, McCotter Energy Systems has installed the Siemens LMV system on many projects. Visit the Smart Energy Savings Library to read about our customers and the savings realized with the upgrade.