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Lakeland High Schools installed Riello high efficiency burners and the savings have been remarkable.

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Lakeland High Schools installed Riello high efficiency burners and the savings have been remarkable. In the first six months of operation (the burners were installed in November of 2009) the District saved 26,751 therms over their seven year average usage equating to $28,089 in savings. The return on investment will be under 3 years.

The District has benefited from efficiency gains and reduced maintenance costs. It takes considerable less time to maintain a linkageless burner due to the elimination of “slop” in the linkage and the required adjustment to ensure efficient fuel-air mixture.

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Lakeland School District in Minocqua, WI is geographically one of the largest school districts in the State of Wisconsin. The Lakeland High School is over 283,000 sq. ft. and serves 840 students with a staff of 125. The High School has 2 separate boiler rooms.
Both boiler systems were older, but were well within their usable “life cycle”. One of the boiler rooms contains (1) Kewaunee 400 HP wood burning boiler that had been converted to natural gas 19 years ago. The other plant has (2) 250 HP Iron Fireman scotch marine boilers. Both plants had reasonably modern, modulating burners that provided approximately 4:1 turndown.
Boilers systems are designed by code to meet “Design Conditions” or the worst case scenario heating load. For Lakeland High School this is -20° Fahrenheit. However, when you look at the BIN data (degree days), Lakeland experiences these conditions less than 1% of the heating season. The majority of the heating the loads are 20% to 30% of design condition. Coupled with the internal heat load gains from lighting, equipment, and people, Lakeland High School had a significant opportunity to save energy and precious dollars by finding a solution to boiler cycling.

“The Kewanee boiler used to sound like a jet engine. You could hear it running throughout the hallways. Now you walk past the boiler room, and you don’t know the boiler is running. It sounds like a quiet breeze coming off the lake. Our annual savings are $21,000 over the original estimate. The burner upgrade has been a huge success for the District. We couldn’t be happier with the savings and performance.”

Dave Arnold, Facilities Manager, Lakeland School District

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