Complete Boiler Room Design

Boiler Venting

McCotter Energy Systems offers complete boiler room design and will engineer the venting system that your application requires. Contact our engineers to discuss your specifications.


heatfab venting

Single and Double Wall commercial venting special gas vent systems for condensing heating appliances:

  • Single wall 18”-32” diameters ID
  • Double wall 4″-32″ diameters ID
  • Reduced clearance to combustibles
  • Patented Sure Seal™ locking system allows quick and easy installation and locks on inner flue conduit for a strong secure joint


Ampco Stacks

AMPCO has been a leading manufacturer of quality, multi-use, pressure stack chimney exhaust systems. AMPCO product installations and applications include boilers, generators and commercial kitchens.  All AMPCO products are UL tested and listed to the most stringent safety standards, ensuring you the finest product available. Offering single and double wall stack systems.


Centrotherm’s InnoFlue®  offers the largest selection of polypropylene based Single Wall, Common Vent and Cascade Vent System components in North America. With diameters up to 12″ (315mm), InnoFlue® can support heating appliances up to 5 million BTUs.

Centrotherm offers:

  • Innoflue Flex
  • Innoflue Concentric
  • Innoflue Commercial and Cascade Systems
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