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LJ Wing Combustion Makeup Air Units

The High Static Fresh Air Supply (HS FAS) provides a versatile heating system for applications requiring the ducting or filtering of make-up air. Supporting up to MERV 10 filters or 2.5 inches of ducted static pressure, the HS FAS is the perfect make-up air heater for interior rooms such as kitchens, painting, plating, welding, etching, and other food or chemical processing facilities.

The Fresh Air Supply (FAS) provides a versatile heating system for installation in wall openings or with roof mounted intake hoods. It combines up to a 44HP fan with a unique damper modulated, air flow system, over hot water or steam coils to deliver up to 26,000 CFM of temperature controlled make-up air. The roof mounted units with optional revolving discharge provide ceiling fan like air flow for summer comfort.

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