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Reach your sustainability goals with high efficiency, high pressure electric hot water boilers

Precision Electric Boilers

Precision Electric Boilers

Precision Boilers manufactures electric boiler to help reach sustainability goals. The product line includes high efficiency, high pressure electric hot water boilers and steam generators.

Offering more Hydronic Heating Solutions

Hydronic heating is a popular choice for providing comfort heat in hotels, high-rise buildings, and multi-unit housing. While a closed loop system providing radiant heat is generally more energy efficient than a forced-air system, it’s only as efficient as the boiler producing the heat.

With the rising cost of fossil fuels, we’re often called upon to replace outdated fossil fuel-powered boilers. A high-efficiency electric boiler can both lower energy expenses while also helping to reach sustainability targets. For new hydronic heat implementations, contact McCotter Energy Systems for custom solutions that deliver performance and efficiency.

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