Affordable HVAC Solutions for Multi-Unit Buildings

The Integrated Piping System (IPS)

Total Comfort Solution was established in 1997 by motel developer Rod Shaw. His mission was to provide an affordable, efficient, and quiet alternative to the traditional “window shakers” found in most motel and multi dwelling units.

Total Comfort Solutions  and The Integrated Piping System

Total Comfort Solutions IPS System

Total Comfort Solutions IPS™ System

  • The IPS™ is designed to provide heating and cooling to rooms using existing hot and cold domestic water lines. It can be used in both new and retrofit applications. Water is supplied to Terminal Units located in each space. Valves, thermostats, piping, and mechanical room equipment are supplied by the contractor.
  • In many instances, our systems can provide a portion of free cooling by using the temperature of the incoming water to decrease chiller runtimes.
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