Commercial buildings can save millions of gallons of potable water each year by harvesting rainwater and greywater.

Water Harvesting Solutions

Rainwater Harvesting Systems and Grey Water Harvesting Systems

Wahaso Condensate Recovery Systems

Wahaso condensate recovery system

Condensate Recovery  Systems

Wahaso’s condensate system is compact, pre-assembled and designed for easy installation.

Condensate is often a relatively clean source of water, which does not require complex processing. The Wahaso condensate system is designed to filter the water down to five microns and sanitize the water with ultraviolet (UV) before delivering it to the end use. The pre-assembled system includes a storage tank, filtration, UV and a re-pressurization condensate recovery pump. If condensate cannot flow by gravity from AHUs to the storage tank, Wahaso can also provide small transfer stations for each unit.

Wahaso Rain Water Harvesting Solutions

Wahaso Rainwater Harvesting System

Rain Water Harvesting Solutions

The practice of harvesting rainwater dates back centuries and is still the most common type of water harvesting system. Wahaso specializes in designing and building rainwater harvesting systems for large-scale applications.

The Wahaso commercial rainwater harvesting systems produce treated water that is safe and suitable for non-potable applications such as toilet flushing, irrigation and cooling tower make-up.

Wahaso Grey Water Harvesting Solutions

Grey Water Harvesting System

Grey Water Harvesting Solutions

Greywater (also referred to as graywater, grey water, and gray water) is “gently used” water captured from showers, lavatory sinks, laundry, and light commercial processes. It can often be an excellent source of water, saving thousands or even millions of gallons of water per year.

Given the contaminants inherent in greywater, it is important that any grey water systems are designed properly. Wahaso’s grey water recycling systems for commercial properties has been certified to meet both IAPMO 324 and NSF/ANSI 350 standards.

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